We help fitness professionals move their business online and successfully scale to the business of their dreams by building out custom and intelligent fitness apps.

Scale your fitness business by training 100s of clients around the world.

Set up custom exercise plans based on your training and branding or access pre-loaded content.

Set up custom nutrition plans, with 100s of pre-loaded recipes for any dietary requirements.

Intelligent and automated

A system that automates the entire exercise and nutrition process, based on your goal setting with your client. It generates exercise routines and meal plans based on fitness and calorie goals you’ve set for and with your client.

It's your app. We just build it.


Our creative team takes care of the branding process. Whether you've established your own or need a fresh look, we make sure your app is entirely custom to you.


Fully equipped for the most complete workout plans. We customise your app using your own content, or tap into to 1200+ videos of pre-loaded content.


When we say "smart" software, we mean it. Our system automates the nutrition plan and automatically adjusts to any dietary restrictions or calorie and macro goals.

Unlimited Scaling

The sky is the limit. With your own custom fitness app, you can train 100s of clients from all over the world and watch your profits and efficiency soar.

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We do everything for you

Your own branded app

Your content, your branding, your app. Ready to be delivered to your users inside your MacroApp, we set up your entire brand inside a ready-to-use app.

Setup Assistance

We get it. Fitness is your thing. Maybe all the tech stuff isn't. That's why we take care of details like payment gateways so everything runs smoothly.

Improvement & Innovation

We listen. Your feedback matters because it allows us to continuously update and improve the system. Missing a bespoke feature? We can add it.

Top Functionality

Aside from the design and publication of the IOS and Android versions of your mobile app, we also prioritise and focus on top functionality.

Training Assistance

We will teach you how to use the platform for any future inputs or special adjustments as your client base grows exponentially.

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Ready to SCALE your fitness business to new heights?

The solution to financial freedom, as your own branded mobile app takes away any limits to scaling your business. Get new users every day, and focus on what you love: training and producing more content.
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